Recipe Translator and Unit Converter

This is a unique recipe translator and unit converter. You can enter a recipe in any of nine languages and translate it to any of the nine languages. The languages that it will translate are English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian (Farsi), Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese. The maximum number of ingredients is currently limited to 20.

Ingredients are translated and amounts are converted. The conversions can be between US units, British units, and metric. Other converters allow you to choose a wide variety of units. This is helpful for a few values but when trying to translate and convert a recipe it may get tiresome and confusing. For this reason we've tried to keep this simple.

Enter fractions as decimals. For example enter .5 for 1/2. Enter English words in singular or plural but plurals are not yet working in other languages. You can enter Japanese, Persian, and Vietnamese in either English transliterations. Alternatively Japanese could be in kanji, Persian in farsi, or Vietnamese in Tieng Viet.

This translator/converter is under development so excuse the quirks. Let me know of any errors or ideas to make it better.

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